About The Owner

Hello Friends!

So glad curiosity got the best of you and you have visited my new online boutique. Or maybe its the horse pics that got you? Or could be Those. Darling. Bags. Either way, seriously thanks for coming. Mean it!

A little history about myself....

I started with an obsession with horses when I was born. Literally. Every family road trip that took us down a road with horses, a sibling or my mom/dad would say "look Lisa! Horses!" I'd happily look...I see you, and I am captivated. Still to this day, when I am a passenger in a car, "look Lisa! Horses!" is still announced and I am all about it.  I grew up in a loving household with my mom and dad, and five older siblings. Baby of the family, maybe spoiled but not rotten.

I am certain we bought my first horse because she was pretty, since we really didn't have much experience with horses, or what makes a "good" one. Her name was Jazzy, and she was a beautiful (APHA) Paint horse that we bought from the neighbor that had a very honest soul.

Jazzy- If you are reading this in your next life...you were the BEST horse, thank you for not hurting me too bad.

Jazzy and I at our first 4-H fair in 2001. We were COOL.

A few more Quarter Horses and another Paint Horse later, here we are today. I have been very fortunate to own some very nice horses, that I have shown across the US. Western all-around events, Hunt seat/all around, Ive nearly shown in each discipline, except for jumping. Maybe in my next phase of life?

In my professional life, I am an account manager for crop protection company. that I started after I graduated from Michigan State University. GO GREEN! I reside in "the thumb" of Michigan, seriously look at the backside of your left hand. The town I reside in is located along the left side of your thumbnail. See! Now you know. Come look me up.

I really have always wanted to have an online boutique. Well, since "online" and "social media" was a thing. So maybe fair to say for me since 2012? I was close to starting one in 2017, but a failing marriage had other plans. No long sob story here, our paths just parted ways. And life truly goes on.

B if you're reading this..hey!

 I now share my life with a really wonderful man. He is very supportive in every way. "Want to go to Mexico? Lets go! You want to buy another horse? Go for it! Want to hang out and watch BBC Planet Earth all day? What a great idea! Online Boutique? Start today!" Seriously he's that great. In appearance, it seems that he may have a year or two on me age wise. But I promise, I am the older one in the relationship (insert slight eye roll).

That's all I've got for now! Thanks for reading my ramble. There will be more rambles to come, and I sincerely appreciate you visiting my page. Suggestions are always welcome!